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Kihon & Uke Harai
Tetsugaku Junbi Undo Hojo Undo Kotekitae Kihon & Uke Harai Kata Bunkai Kakie Kumite Rekishi & Dento




Kihon (basics) is the foundation for good Karate. It consists of punches, strikes, stances, foot work, kicks, breakfalls, etc. Kihon can be compared to the roots of a tree. If the roots are not strong and deep, the tree will eventually fall down. Therefore, it is extremely important that students of Karate learn and perform Kihon properly. Without proper Kihon, a person’s Karate will be weak and non-effective in all aspects of their training. 

At Burlington Karate & Kobudo, we work very hard with our students on Kihon so that they will have a good, solid, basic Karate foundation for the present and their future.

Uke Harai translates as “block and sweep”. However the meaning of Uke Harai is blocking practice. It is another essential aspect of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do in that without the knowledge and ability to use blocking techniques correctly, the student of Karate will not be able to function in Kata Bunkai (analysis/application of the movements of Kata), Yakusoku Kumite (pre-arranged sparring), Iri Kumi (freestyle sparring) or in a self-defence situation. 

Most of the blocks of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do are preformed in a circular motion and with two hands. As a result, most blocking techniques have several applications from basic to advanced. 

At Burlington Karate & Kobudo, we practice and teach several forms of Uke Harai from basic standing blocking practice to stepping with singular techniques or combinations.


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