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Junbi Undo
Tetsugaku Junbi Undo Hojo Undo Kotekitae Kihon & Uke Harai Kata Bunkai Kakie Kumite Rekishi & Dento



Junbi Undo (preliminary exercises) is the warm up exercises of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do. It consists of a systematic full body series of exercises designed to warm up, strengthen, stretch, condition, co-ordinate and prepare the Karate practitioner’s body and mind for the challenges of traditional Karate training.

The Junbi Undo exercises were compiled and developed by Master Chojun Miyagi after years of research and consultation with physicians and other Martial Arts’ Sensei. Contained within these exercises are a variety of Karate Kihon (basics) which include stances, strikes, punches, blocks, and kicks. Junbi Undo exercises also develop Qigong, pronounced “Chi Kung” (practice of internal and external universal energy) and Kokyu-Ho (inhale/exhale breathing method).


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