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At Burlington Karate & Kobudo, children are important. Sensei Savoy and his team of experienced, qualified, adult instructors teach all children in a disciplined, focused, respectful, learning environment. Standards are high in performance, discipline and attitude. There is no messing around or unnecessary talking; learning and positive character development is our primary focus. Children have fun as they learn correct technique, learn to believe in themselves, reach their goals and gain confidence.

A typical children’s Karate class starts off with a traditional opening ceremony which emphasizes proper Dojo etiquette and includes bowing, discipline and mutual respect. After the opening ceremony, children perform warm-up exercises which develop cardio, strength, flexibility, and all-around physical fitness. Next, children are instructed in and perform proper Kihon (basics). This includes blocking techniques, striking techniques, kicking techniques, stances and footwork, breathing techniques etc. After the basics, children are instructed in and perform authentic Kata (forms) from Okinawa, Japan. After Kata training children participate in sparring in a supervised, disciplined, structured, and safe environment. Periodically, children are also instructed in how to perform various falling and rolling techniques, throwing techniques and various self-defence techniques.

Sensei Savoy teaches all children and classes and does his best to accommodate everyone’s learning needs and to bring out the best performance and character of all of his students. He also helps children deal with bullying and teaches street-proofing.

Traditional Karate and Kobudo develops effective self-defence skills and positive character traits in children which include confidence, discipline, self-esteem, respect for themselves and others, focused mind, how to pay attention to detail, perseverance, a solid work ethic, a positive “I can do it” attitude, the confidence to say “no” to unhealthy peer pressure, personal motivation, how to work well and co-operate with others; just to name a few.

At Burlington Karate & Kobudo we don’t just teach children the physical aspects of self-defence skills, we also teach and help children to develop a positive attitude to live by.

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